Age group - Year 2 onwards

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What is the course about?
We will be examining this thriving genre: what it is; who it’s aimed at; who it’s read by; how it works and how it’s written. The course is particularly aimed at those interested in exploring young adult fiction from a writer’s point of view.

The Tutor
The tutor is experienced and trained young students' teacher for the subject of English with primary focus on their writing skills, creatively. The tutor has taught hundreds of students for their writing ability, skills and creativity.

Holiday School reserves the right to change course tutors from those advertised in this outline. In line with our refund policy we are unable to grant a refund on the grounds of a change of tutor.

What will we cover?
Among other things, we will be looking at themes, writing techniques and boundaries of young students. Similarities and differences between young adult fiction, teen fiction, writing for adults and writing for children. What kind of stories are and are not suitable for young adult fiction and why. Ways to approach writing young adult fiction. And the place of young adult fiction in the publishing world.

All writing courses at Holiday School will involve an element of workshop. This means that students will produce work which will be discussed in an open and constructive environment with the tutor and other students. The school operates a policy of constructive criticism, and all feedback on another student’s work by the tutor and other students should be delivered in that spirit.