Suitable for Year 1 till Year 6

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What are Science hands on activity?
Learning science is full of complexities and abstract concept understanding. Experiential learning through hands on science kit breaks down the concepts in simple modular format and help experiment with the concepts through one’s own creativity. Collaborative learning through group dynamic helps in internalizing the concept rather than just knowing the concept. Teachers and parents together can understand the importance of learning through hands on kits. Be it understanding of generator, electric circuit or functioning of human body organs, seeing and experiencing by doing helps the student remember the concept for long.

Why Science through Hands on activity?
Doing science, as opposed to simply hearing or reading about it, engages students and allows them to test their own ideas and build their own understanding. Several studies in the literature show that hands-on activities help students to outperform students who follow traditional, text-based programs. Construct your own model through conceptual building helps the little Einstein to work more creatively in a stress free environment. Complex learning of fundamentals can be institutionalised through the step by step construction of your model and give a sense of achievement when the models functions as desired.